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ANSTSE Technical Assistance


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Highway Safety Services, LLC (HSS) and Association members will provide technical assistance to States for the adoption and implementation of the NTDETAS.

What is Technical Assistance?

Technical assistance is available, at no cost, for any State wanting to adopt and implement any components of the Novice Teen Driver Education and Training Administrative Standards (NTDETAS) Standards. Technical assistance may be conducted in conjunction with a NHTSA State Assessment / Peer Review. The technical assistance can provide a preliminary analysis of the States driver education program. Then a State may utilize highway safety funds, or other funds, to conduct a NHTSA State Assessment / Peer Review based on the recommendations in the NTDETAS.

These technical assessments offer States a tool to use over time to review their driver education programs, note the program’s strengths and accomplishments, and note where improvements can be made.

Following a NHTSA State Assessment / Peer Review, ANSTSE can provide post analysis technical assistance to assist with implementing the recommendations given in the NHTSA State Assessment / Peer Review.

The assistance is facilitated by the ANSTSE Secretariat and conducted by experts in driver education. Technical assistance will be provided either offsite or onsite:

Offsite Technical Assistance

ANSTSE can provide assistance remotely and can also refer states or individuals to ANSTSE members or other technical experts for additional technical assistance. Offsite technical assistance can be provided through telephone calls, conference calls, webinars, e-mail with ANSTSE Secretariat, ANSTSE members, other experts in the field, and other State contacts.
The ANSTSE website has been developed to assist in providing technical assistance with documents and resources to assist states with the adoption and implementation of the Standards and to assist with improvements in their driver education program. The ANSTSE website is a key service in providing technical assistance to the states. This website will be kept current with updated resources.

The ANSTSE members will volunteer their time to conduct webinars to educate states and organizations on the NTDETAS.

Onsite Technical Assistance

ANSTSE can provide onsite technical assistance. The ANSTSE Secretariat will assign one to two experts to travel to the State to possibly meet with State officials. ANSTSE will cover the travel expenses for experts to provide assistance. The meeting will be approximately 2 ½ days in length. The first two days will be to meet with the State officials and the half day will be a report out on the recommendations provided. A report will be submitted detailing the visit, recommendations provided and suggested actions to undertake.

Technical Assistance Experts

Experts who can conduct technical assistance include:

  • Michael Calvin, Consultant, Retired from AAMVA
  • Troy E. Costales, GHSA
  • Sharon Fife, DSAA
  • Andrew Krajewski, Consultant, Retired from Maryland DMV)
  • Kevin Lewis, AAMVA


  • Dan Mayhew, M.A., TRB
  • Allen Robinson, Ph.D., ADTSEA
  • Brett Robinson, ANSTSE Secretariat
  • Nina Jo Saint, DETA
  • Connie Sessoms, Jr., ADTSEA
  • William E. Van Tassel, Ph.D., AAA
  • Others as needed



Requesting Technical Assistance

Offsite technical assistance is provided by contacting the ANSTSE Secretariat and sending a formal letter of request from the State. The letter should explain the goals of the technical assistance and what your State would like to gain from the technical assistance. If there are certain areas you would like to look at (i.e. instructor training, program administration) include that in the letter as well.

Send letter of request to:
Brett Robinson
ANSTSE Secretariat
1434 Trim Tree Road
Indiana, PA 15701
Phone: (724) 349-7233
Fax:  (724) 349-5042

Email: brobinson@highwaysafetyservices.com



Examples of Preliminary and Post Technical Assistance that can be provided include:

1. Preliminary Assessment – technical assistance provided prior to conducting a NHTSA State
Assessment / Peer Review
Analyzing State statutes and rules governing novice driver education standards to understand the State’s current status and where the State meets, exceeds, or does not meet the Novice Teen Driver Education and Training Administrative Standards in the following areas:


2. Post Analysis – technical assistance provided after conducting a NHTSA Driver Education State Assessment / Peer Review